Crypto saving, made personal

Thrift RealFi wallet lets you easily save, invest, pay and manage your funds without giving up your privacy, asset’s ownership, security or your data.

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  • Local language support
  • Lend or save as a group
  • Grow wealth annonymously

How it works

Track expenses, income, and create savings plan while growing your funds conviniently. Do these things plus more in a non-custodial wallet. You’re in control.

Features top

Powerful suite of products

DeFi solutions are often complex, unintuitive, and hard to understand. Thrift makes it simple, providing real solutions to real life finance problems.

Build a Legacy of Financial Greatness

A Suite of RealFi products powered by Cardano to keep you in control of your finances. We leverage decentralization to help you overcome banking inefficiency.


Manage and analyze your personal finances better and easier.


Through voting rights, the community governs, maintains, and upgrades Thrift.

Stable Currency

save in stable currency, stay ahead of the curve, and secure your future.

Decentralized Digital Identity

Own your identity, no more unwanted prying eyes.

Digital Agregation

Trustless access to DeFi services and platforms.

Seamless UI/UX

No matter your background, you can use Thrift RealFi Wallet, it’s that simple.

Thrift P2P Chat + Decentralized Lending + Identity

Securely exchange cryptocurrency for fiat with other users, communicate privately, borrow or lend, and improve your credit score.


First steps, our challenges, participation in incubation & acceleration programs.

Q3 2022

Demo launch on testnet, local languages support, litepaper release, Thrift Ambassador launch.

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Q4 2022

Feedback from testnet users, wallet development, private sale, funding, grow the team.

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Decentralized Team of experts with prudent blockchain history

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